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Gem astrology

On the connection between Zodiac Signs and Serendib Gems

Our body consists of stardust. So do gems.

According to their physical and chemical features they convey certain vibrations, qualities that effect our body and soul. As all the natural world, gems are too in the state of well-being. Their benevolent vibrations help us to find the same in ourselves. Most of us clearly feel the attraction to certain stones, even if we know nothing about them.

As people, gems too can be assigned to certain planets and celestial qualities. But in their case the “crystallization” of these qualities here, on Earth happened by tremendous forces through millions of years. So the very presence of them bear the opportunity to widen our prospects and perspectives.

And what could there be more than that?

In the coming weeks we are going to give some hints about the gems’ effects on the different zodiac signs starting with Aquarius.

For help we’ve turned to Dóra Kocsis, a humanistic astrologist and close friend.

With our series we would like to contribute to our journey on the path of awakening.

Dóra Kocsis
humanistic astrologist       

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