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Most gems of our jewels were formed and found in and around Ratnapura (ratna - gem, pura - city), Sri Lanka, where I spent a year in 2006 with a mining-family among other mining-families, as back in those days everybody in the area lived on gems. That is how and why Serendib Project was born.

Most of our gems are unusual in jewelry making: they are not faceted, don’t even have cabochon polish, instead they were polished by hand in an attempt trying to keep them as natural as possible, yet making them suitable to jewelry.

Appreciating all those features – cracks, bubbles, inclusions – that are usually considered undesirable, our gems are much bigger, often above 10 carats, and richer in their color-variations and unique patterns. They always have new miracles to show.

Beyond their undoubted beauty gems have been believed to have special healing and supporting power all over human history. Some claim their highly ordered structures, some point at their colors, other believe their chemical composition has beneficial effects on our body, mind and soul. And if we think about the thesis that everything is basically vibration, they all well might be true.

We also believe that they convey all those qualities that our miners and Sri Lankan people have:

lightheartedness, cheerfulness, hope and good intentions.

However, please, consider these descriptions as interesting possibilities or exciting mind games. Do not throw away your prescribed medication in exchange of the gems – unless your faith can move mountains.

But then you don’t need to fear anything anyway.








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